Monday, January 19, 2009

SepitChantek is making way!

Hey girls!!!
ShawlChantek is back with new stuffs! :) Since all of you ladies were asking about shawl accessories, i've come up with these fancie sepits!

To those who are wondering...sepit? sepit ape? bukan sepit baju okie. this sepits are used to clip ur shawls so that they wont move so much (spashly when we talk so much, the shawls like to 'talk' too n loosen up). On top of that, it just compliments ur shawl even better!

So here are the 1st batch of SepitChantek just for u ladies. InsyaAllah, i'll load more in the future~. Hapi Shoppeng yah!

RM10 only each!!!
Get that rustic-vintage look with the antique look alike sepitz!

Top-bottom: Cleopatra Red, Cleopatra Green

Green Cleo - SOLD OUT!

Red Cleo- SOLD OUT!

Top-bottom: Vintage Ruby, Flower Red


Top-bottom: Orange Buttercup, Black Eye

Black Eye : SOLD OUT!

Top-bottom: 3-eyed Jewel, Purple butterfly



RM10 each!!!

Top-bottom: PHink Hearts, Semperit

Phink Hearts : SOLD OUT!

Semperit: SOLD OUT!

RM12 each!!!

Sepitz with shiny! & sparkly! coloured stones. Shine your way through ladies!

Top-bottom: Turquoise flower, Phink flower, Blue Leaf
Turquoise Flower: SOLD OUT!
Phink Flower: SOLD OUT!
Blue Leaf: SOLDOUT!